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This might be a dumb question but what does Peace ACTUALLY look like for fanfiction (not Rollow, dear god) related businesses.


It’s not a dumb question at all :) Many wonder what the mysterious Peace ACTUALLY looks like, and I, fortunately, have the answers!

Peace looks a bit like Hollow, actually, as far as height, “figure”, and colours go.

Here and here are some gifs made by emiskullduggery which both feature Peace in his own glorious skin sumo-suit. :) Poor, poor Fat-Peace.

In conclusion, Fat-Peace isn’t fat at all, and he has, in fact, very pretty hair.

I hoped I helped, and feel free to ask more if there’s anything else you’re wondering :)
Take care!

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you literally just came up on my dash, Evanz111 is in my class.. that's so weird xD

That’s fantastic xD

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horselover21698 said:
What is your most favorite pun that rage has made?

Oh god, that’s like choosing between your own children.

Hm, I’m gonna have to be lame and say that the “Water you doin?” cracks me up every. single. time.
Might be because I use it myself on a daily basis. But you know, girls just wanna have puns.

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samanthaisnotcreative said:
I believe the Ragegaming crew is starting to gain many followers on here now, YOU CAN BOW DOWN TO THE CREATOR IF THE FANCLUB

There are so many Crew fans on Tumblr now, we’re going to conquer the WORLD >:)

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ragician said:
Club join POWAHHH!!!


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flukeasaurs-deactivated20140605 said:
Does this club therefore include me? :)

Yes indeed it does ^^

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tanith-low-in-wonderland said:
Can I join this club????

Of course you can, Hatters ;) <3


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samanthaisnotcreative said:
There isn't that many ragicans on tumblr, or hollowers or flukesaurs or however you spell it so let's make a club *high five*

The best club c: *high fives back*

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I think Evanz has some serious competition.

Step up your game, Big Boy.

These two I swear to god

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Josh, a man of a great mind.
Sometimes seems devious, but is very kind.
Though he might lack a bit of bravery and social skill,
he will do anything to put through his will.
A powerful thinker, with a wild imagination,
He will only follow rules of his own creation.
To him, friends matter, though he wouldn’t mind saving his own skin.
For that, I put him in Slytherin.

This is hard, but what can I say,
Aaron also works hard to get things his way.
Though, this man will proceed with more caution and care,
His path will be a much cleaner affair.
With a strong moral and his friends dear,
He will always go first to make sure the coast is clear.
Cold and honest, he will march onwards,
And I think he’d be a Slytherin at Hogwarts.

Will Donaldson, a bit of a daredevil.
Isn’t a little danger such a thrill?
He stands up for what he thinks is true and right,
For the rights of the people, he’s ready to fight.
He’s aware of his flaws, but also his perks.
Sometimes a bit sarcastic, but it works.
This man could be in none of the four,
Other than the proud Gryffindor.

A fan of hard work to succeed,
It’s Mr. William Evans, indeed.
Full of love and ambition to become great,
He has no intention of being controlled by faith.
Although he might lose his temper, he’s a great friend,
His love and loyalty has no end.
Now it’s time for the sorting part.
He belongs in Hufflepuff, a place of heart.

The poem I wrote for the Crew, which Fluke himself read out here ^^

Secondly, thank you Fluke (if you’re reading this) for all the kind words about my poem <3
And sorry for the typos, heh (I fixed it in the above version).

Have a fantastic day everyone!
Love, Molly

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